Pelajar Indonesia NTU (PINTU) Singapura is an association for Indonesian students of Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. PINTU started out as a simple gathering by a group of Indonesian students who longed to spend time together with their fellow countrymen. It was formally founded on 17 August 2002 and has now become one of the most established Indonesian students’ organisations in Singapore. It is now run by the 19th executive committees and its members include both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

PINTU contributes to the livelihood of students in NTU, both Indonesians and non-Indonesians, by organising various activities and initiatives, as well as taking part in many school-organized activities. Needless to say, PINTU is also an active member of Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Singapura (PPIS) and is well-recognised by the Embassy of the Indonesian Republic in Singapore (KBRI Singapura).

PINUS is a group of Indonesian Students in National University of Singapore (NUS) started its humble beginnings in 1998, founded by a group of Indonesian students in the National University of Singapore who wanted to create a home away from home. It has grown over time, forming an extensive community of 300 current members and over 1000 alumni.

Along with the growth in numbers, PINUS too has evolved in terms of its organisational structure and programmes. Our programmes now not only serve our internal members but also aim to give back to different communities in Indonesia. In PINUS, we believe in a learning and nurturing culture, and hence we also strive to serve as a place for our members to grow and gain various experience as an individual.

SMU Komunitas Indonesia (SMUKI) is a cultural club in Singapore Management University. Established in 2004, SMUKI now has more than 150 active members. Our members, which include Indonesian and non-Indonesian students, are the embodiment of SMUKI’s unyielding spirit to promote Indonesian arts and culture especially within the young generation. Our annual musical production, Gelar Budaya (GAYA) showcases artistic performances, authentic musical compositions and enchanting dance items from both traditional and contemporary arts.

Mahasiswa PSB Indonesia (MAPIA) is an Indonesian Students Club that was established on March 23rd, 2008. MAPIA is the first foreign student club formed in PSB Academy, Singapore. MAPIA has grown ever since it was first started and has also successfully organized many events in order to strengthen bonds and promote unity between Indonesian students in Singapore and foreign students in PSB Academy. Currently, there are more than 300 Indonesian students registered as MAPIA member

Mission - To promote unity and channel the aspiration of Indonesian Student in PSB Academy.


Vision - To be a formal representative and ambassador of Indonesian Community in PSB Academy

Indonesians  in  Singapore  Institute  of  Management  (InSIM)  is an International student club in SIM which was established on 3rd November 2006 as one of the biggest Indonesian student organizations in Singapore. Since then, InSIM alone has also brought over 1000 Indonesian students in SIM together.


In the view of InSIM’s slogan - “Where the Indonesians bond in SIM”, InSIM has a goal to make Indonesians in SIM feel the warmth of home. In the same way, InSIM also has a purpose to make Indonesia’s rich history and diverse culture become more widely known to the public, which encompasses not only Indonesian students, but also the international society.


Our missions are to give the Indonesian students the feeling of having a place to meet, communicate, and bond with the other Indonesian students who come from numerous backgrounds, and to increase the love and appreciation that we feel for our motherland, Indonesia.


InSIM has always been dedicated to develop and actively encourage the skill of its members in sports, arts and also education. Moreover, it acts as a platform to give the members the opportunity to share and express their talents through various events such as InSIGHT (an annual musical) and InSIMerdeka.

PADI (Perhimpunan Mahasiswa SUTD Indonesia) is a cultural club in Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). PADI was founded in 2014 upon the significance of the idiom "Jadilah seperti PADI, semakin berisi semakin merunduk" which means to remain humble as we grow and mature. Through our initiatives and actitivites, we hope to raise awareness of Indonesia’s vibrant culture among SUTD community, as well as to build an awesome community where everyone is empowered to both lead and serve one another, with pride, humility and common love for Indonesia.

PELIKAN (Pelajar Indonesia Kaplan) is an active Indonesian student association at Kaplan Singapore. Since its establishment in 2010, PELIKAN aims to be the connecting platform that unites and strengthens the bond of Indonesian students who are studying at Kaplan Singapore by organizing series of outings, gatherings and fun activities.


As the rebranded community replacing the previous student network PPI Kaplan, PELIKAN represents hundreds of Indonesian students as the official Kaplan arm of PPI Singapore. Five years after it was founded, PELIKAN was honored to be the organizer of Olymppic for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. Currently, PELIKAN supervises four sport groups at Kaplan which are basketball, futsal, table tennis and badminton club.

KUNCI (Komunitas Anak Curtin Indonesia) is an Indonesian organization that act as a platform for Indonesian students that are studying in Curtin University, Singapore. Established in late 2012, we have grown since then to connect Indonesians in Curtin as well as help our members to learn team work and leadership. Here, we connect ourselves with different Indonesian students from different parts of Indonesia, learning tlour differences in culture and gain more friends and network in the process.

KUMIS (Kumpulan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Management Development Institute Singapore) is an Indonesian community based at MDIS by Indonesian students. Established in 2009, It aims to create an ideal platform for other Indonesians to utilize their talents and their passion or hobbies through engaging in activities provided by our interest clubs such as basketball, badminton, music and photography club. KUMIS is also a place for its members to share and meet fellow Indonesian friends that are going through similar experience of studying abroad at MDIS.

IndoJCUS (Indonesian Students in James Cook University Singapore) is an organization that unites Indonesian student at James Cook University Singapore. Being insprired by Indonesia's slogan "Unity in Diversity", our mission is to create a comfortable environment where students can gather together and be part of this inseparable and loving family. We envision a community where students can spread love, creativity and positivity while also repsecting each other. Our events provide opportunities for students to improve their leaderships skills, team work and also expanding their networks. While being away from our own hometown, we would also like to remind our members that we are still and are proud to be Indonesians. Indonesia is also known for its wealth in tradition and culture. Therefore, we would also like to share our culture not only to our Indonesian students but also our fellow JCU students. With both our vision and mission as our foundations, we will keep building this organization better than before.


Laskar is an Indonesian organization based in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) and first founded in 2014. 'Laskar' meaning army, symbolises determination, constancy, achievement, dignity, and honour. It reflects upon who we are as students of NAFA. Laskar aims to tighten the bond between Indonesian students through events and an annual exhibition, Laskar Pelangi, that celebrates the talents of our students by providing a platform which they can share their stories through artworks, videos, music and/or performances. As inspiring students, learning and growing through the arts, we aim to build a better future for the upcoming generations of Laskar.


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